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AMZ is a producer of specialized experiences in the Amazon. Our mission is to connect people with the forest, awakening their Avatars. Connect the Amazonian people and their projects with urban networks. Create bridges, generate income for communities, empower, give voice, enjoy each other, bring worlds together and see what happens. So, we invite you to embrace this experience with the maximum presence you can practice. This forest is powerful and has a lot to teach us. We will silence ourselves, heighten our senses and open our hearts to the new.


We prepare the entire trip with love and care. Our years of local experience allow us to understand, develop and implement best practices for sustainable living in the Amazon. With this in mind, we specially curate every aspect of your trip; from reception and itinerary, logistics and design, pre and post production, to hand picking the best suppliers and partners. This organizational work represents 20% of the value. The remaining 79% goes to communities, suppliers, taxes and 1% goes to the social fund, which helps AMZ to work with local development projects. Just as community taxes and local guides are essential for strengthening our defenses against an array of external threats that have long faced the Amazon, traveling and responsible tourism can also be an important ally to help support a sustainable economy that ensures a healthy and longstanding forest.



"If our dharma remains only conceptual and is not turned into experience, its actual value may go unnoticed,"
Dalai Lama

types of Amazonian experiences

Where? Within ourselves. Every experience is an internal journey, but the place where we're at helps us connect to our internal universe. The Amazon rainforest is very powerful on this respect - and not only because it is the world's largest tropical rainforest, water body, accounts for 5% of the global territory (with a population of 25 M people) and is the Earth's air conditioning. Above all, it is thanks to its magic, culture, innovation-oriented people and available technologies and modernities.

We are here to support your Amazon discovery away from clichés and with a full array of different possibilities: from tourism, to traditional communities and thoughtful and carefully planned, tailor-made experiences, irrespective if for a project or event, or if all you need is a few tips from the locals. What matters is living this experience and understanding how it will make a difference in your life. We want you to take more from the Amazon within you than pictures could ever tell. 

TOURISM IN the alter do chãO region

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, the Amazonian Caribbean is in Pará state, on the banks of the Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers. And luckily it is our specialty, we know it like the back of our hands.

We set up several itineraries with great love and care for you to experience the best of the region.

The trips are personalized, so you can travel the date you want, with the number of people you want.

Check the ways of travelling we recommend: 

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lodging in riverside communities

Lodging in riverside communities is the most authentic experience of all . The proximity to the local people is greater and you are staying in well-kept community inns in the largest havens in the region. Sleeping on the hammock is also part of the experience, I was not afraid, it is very comfortable. 

More information here!






One of the best ways to get to know the Amazon is by boat, sailing on the most beautiful rivers, the Tapajós and Arapiuns. During the trip we stop at riverside communities, deserted beaches and many other beautiful places. The itinerary is thinking for you to live the maximum of Amazon culture with great comfort.

We have several types of boats for you to take a trip with your family or friends at any time of the year. Trips are private and personalized.

See more information here.

boat trips

The Arapiuns River is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And Pousada Paraíso da Vida is in the most beautiful place on the Arapiuns River, that's it, friends.

There are 16 super comfortable chalets with foot in the sand in a place totally integrated with nature, in front of Ponta Grande, which is the most beautiful beach and the main tourist spot in the region.

It is located among all the communities that work with community-based tourism and make super interesting tours. In other words, you will have an optional super program during your stay.

You will be staying with all the necessary infrastructure in a hidden paradise, not touristic and you will still have the privilege of being assisted and by the incredible family of our dear Dona Nete. We are a family owned and operated business.


To book contact us at zap +55 11 997030906



You will get to know the best and most important points of the region in day trips. It is an experience for those who do not have much time or prefer  traditional formats of travel.

The tours are made by private speedboat, just for you and your group . So you can have more independence to enjoy the day.

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The Kayapó, self-styled "Mebêngôkre", live in scattered villages along the upper reaches of the Iriri, Bacajá, Fresco and other tributaries of the mighty Xingu River, in a territory almost as large as Austria.

It is practically covered by equatorial forest, with the exception of the eastern portion, filled by some areas of cerrado and transition ecosystem, which is the case of the Kubenkrãkenh village, with whom we have this ethnotourism partnership.

The village is surrounded by waterfalls of pure, warm water, river beaches, high forest. In addition, the culture is very well preserved, few people speak Portuguese and the practice of dancing, singing, body painting is common.

We open only 8 groups per year for this experience, find out more here!

personalized experiences AND LOCAL PRODUCTION


From a briefing that we believe to be positive for the region and for those who live in the forest, we plan and carry out personalized experiences in whole Amazon region, from Peru to Pará.

personalized EXPERIENCES

These are trips with specific interests, such as inspirational trips, study trips, cultural exchanges, self-knowledge retreats, experiences linked to spirituality, etc.


See some of the work we've done here.

photo: Rachel Brust

Photos: Gustavo Frota, Guilherme Castorldi, Dobby, Raquel Brust, Davi Boarato, Bruna Toledo, Turismo Consciente.

local production

For those who want to do something cool and need that little help from those who know the complex Amazonian logistics very well. Here we are.

From weddings, parties and dinners in the sand (piracaia), production of video and cinema recording, fashion shooting, photographic expeditions, etc.


See some of the work we've done here.  

Photos: Pamella Herpio, Leonardo Pelatti, Adhara Luz, Nazaré.



In Alter do Chão, you can stay with us in different ways. We have rooms, cottages and houses fully integrated with nature and very well located, they are 50 meters from one of the best beaches on Lago Verde and a 15-minute walk from the center (1.3 km).

The houses have a total view of the forest, for our friends monkeys, butterflies, anteaters and others. We are a family owned and operated business. Many ask "but do the animals come in"? No, they are rarely very polite. If they enter, they leave. But they prefer to stay in the forest, which is their home. But don't you have a mosquito? No, this region has less mosquitoes than many places in the Southeast. We are a family owned and operated business.


Enjoy this unique experience of living the forest with comfort and a very good vibe!

Visit VILA AMZ  here!

Photos: Pedro Alcãntra and Dani Vasconcellos


A unique inn on the Arapiuns River, learn more here!


Photos Renan Chicarelli and Hellen Joplin

AMZ NEW YEAR 2020-21

This year will be even more special as it will be the celebration of 10 years of our beloved NEW YEAR AMZ !!

Put on the agenda, 29/12/20 to 02/01/21.

We will celebrate with all the Amazon magic!




photos: Victor Affaro, Daniel Gutierrez and Davi Boarato ( Teia Filmes)

Photos: Gutavo Frota, Davi Boarato | Teia Filmes, Bárbara Brasil, Raquel Brust, Daniel Gutierrez.

see the comments from people who have traveled with us

"This is one of the most unique experiences I've ever had in my life. I went for the first time in 2014/15 and came back this year because I knew it would be special. After more then 65 countries in my backpack and countless experiences, this is still one of the ones it impacted me the most. It is one of those things that cannot be explained, it needs to be lived. No agenda for tourists to see. It is inclusion and participation. We go out with the Amazon within us.

Renata Aquino




"AMZ is really a producer of experiences that, based on a deep respect for the knowledge and way of life of the local communities, creates the possibility of a deep encounter of each one that chooses to have this experience with the bigger realities of life. I wanted to say that you they trust in the strength of the forest and its people to offer visitors a glimpse of the vastness and richness that our life can have ... well ... I was delighted! "




"It is really a trip to the center of the world, to the center of yourself, a dive into the soul of life. I think the fresh water of the Tapajós and Arapiuns River, the strength of the place, and all the love of the AMZ team, makes your soul smile every morning. And you come back with a magical energy, that famous phrase "the happiness that comes from the inside out", and you keep shining that sun. Thank you and congratulations for providing this magic! <3 "

Mari Millon



"Unique experience ... thank you very much for disconnecting from the artificial world and putting me in the natural world .... I loved everything, everything ... thank you to the whole team, you guys made my life better!"

Pedro Mann



"I did not imagine that the Amazon that was to come on my skin and in my soul was so pulsating and so rare. AMZ made me feel moments of purity, joy and truth. A unique experience."



"Don't be afraid to try something different, but deep down, it's part of every human being. You'll discover yourself! Get ready for one of the best trips and experiences of your life”

Daguito Rodrigues




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