vila de Alter do chão 

According to British newspaper The Guardian, Alter is Brazil's most beautiful river beach. How about us? Are Brazilians aware of that? It's about time we turn our eyes to the Amazon! This place only becomes ours when we see it for ourselves. Alter do Chão is the doorway to hidden paradises. It is a lively community full of interesting people, charming places to stay at and eat - typical vacation destination.

We have several houses available for rent, though our favorite one is the AMZ house/office. Check it out on Air BnB: Private Room / Shared Room / Full House

We can also provide information on the hotels and B&Bs we like best, of all types, price ranges and locations. Send us a message to find out more.




Want to feel at home in Alter? We have comfortable, Amazon style houses, close to the beach and the forest.

 Foto: Daniel Gutierrez e Pousada Vila Alter 


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Credits: Paulo Velozo, Bruna Toledo, Raquel Brust, Adhara Luz

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