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photo: Davi Boarato | Web Movies

AMZ is an experience producer focusing on the Amazon. We are not limited to a format, we are free to create experiences that sensitize people and generate a positive social impact. Our goal is to Amazonize the world, to connect the Avatars of the people and to make came trought with excellence whatever your Amazonian dream is.


We produce boat trips of different types and sizes. We make itineraries with lodging in riverside communities.

We produce weddings and travel for large groups.

You can bring your group and take a private trip or join an existing group. See the upcoming open trips here.

Corporate or projects travels

From the briefing we believe to be positive for the Amazon and for those who live in the forest, we plan and produce trips, events and projects. See our portfolio here.

Social Fund

We are fully aware of the footprints we leave on Earth - we want them to be responsible as possible and to multiply good.

AMZ's entire work process is environmentally freindly (as much as we can) and inclusive.

We have also set up a Social Fund 1% to 3% of our profit is donated to small local projects we believe in, or to our own projects.

Scroll down for further information - and welcome!

"If our dharma remains only conceptual and is not turned into experience, its actual value may go unnoticed,"
Dalai Lama

types of Amazonian experiences

Onde? Within ourselves. Every experience is an internal journey, but the place where we're at helps us connect to our internal universe. The Amazon rainforest is very powerful on this respect - and not only because it is the world's largest tropical rainforest, water body, accounts for 5% of the global territory (with a population of 25 M people) and is the Earth's air conditioning. Above all, it is thanks to its magic, culture, innovation-oriented people and available technologies and modernities.

We are here to support your Amazon discovery away from clichés and with a full array of different possibilities: from tourism, to traditional communities and thoughtful and carefully planned, tailor-made experiences, irrespective if for a project or event, or if all you need is a few tips from the locals. What matters is living this experience and understanding how it will make a difference in your life. We want you to take more from the Amazon within you than pictures could ever tell.





How to know the Amazonian Caribbean?

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riverside community lodging

This itinerary can be done anytime between March and February, from one person. Lodging in riverside communities is the most authentic experience of all. The proximity to the local people is greater and you are staying in well-kept community inns in the largest havens in the region. Sleeping on the hammock is also part of the experience, I was not afraid, it is very comfortable.



One of the best ways to know the Amazon is by boat, navigating the most beautiful rivers, the Tapajós and Arapiuns, stopping at riverside communities, deserted beaches.



photo: Rachel Brust

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NEW YEAR AMZ 2019-20

We are in the ninth edition of our New Year's trip !! This year will be from 28/12 to 01/01 with different types of experiences, for all tastes. Our traditional Love Boat is a regional boat with our decor and touches of comfort. It has restaurant, lounge and berth space, network accommodation and also some rooms.


photo: Bruna Toledo

photos: Victor Affaro, Daniel Gutierrez and Davi Boarato ( Teia Filmes)





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