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We are a company that likes to help other companies with our knowledge on the Amazon, whether to inspire new creations, expand vision to look for new work opportunities, connect employees, leave comfort zones behind to seek new opportunities or simply to organize project and event logistics. Each new "job" is a whole universe in itself, and a much welcome challenge.



AMZ-organized travel in partnership with Amaphiko, Red Bull's network of social entrepreneurs. The idea was to strenghten the ties of the Red Bull network and establish new ones with the young local entrepreneurs of the Beiradão de Oportunidades program (non-profit Saúde e Alegria), supported by Fundação Telefônica.

The group took a four-day travel down the Arapiuns river, having visited community projects and local leaderships, which also included talks and lectures on entrepreneurism  challenges and solutions.

When? February 2017.

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Credits: Guilherme Castoldi


Travel organized for Israeli artist Michael Kessus to study the Shamanism of the native ethnic groups Xipibo and Matsses, in the Peruvian Amazon. The idea was to inspire the work exhibited at the 31st São Paulo Biennial, including charcoal drawings on the journey recorded on scrolls.

When? July 2014. 


We organized the logistics for the shooting of the Osklen video on the campaign produced together with ethnic group Ashaninka in the northern part of the state of Acre. AMZ was also responsible for the communications between the team and the group during the trip.

When? June 2015.


AMZ was resposible for a substantial part of the travel logistics to welcome 30 journalists to the area of Belém and Abaetetuba. Guests stayed on boars for three days to visit the community that supplies the raw material for the Ekos - Natura cosmetics.

AMZ also organized a seated lunch for 80 people (locals & journalists) to celebrate the visit.


Ethnological Museum of 


AMZ produced the film shot by Israeli artist Yael Bertana, exhibited at the Ethnological Museum of Berlin. The film is a fiction documentary on the study on Shaman traditions conducted by artist Michael Kessus in the Amazon.

When? September 2014.


AMZ organized the content generation travel to launch the brand's 2017 summer collection throughout the river communities of the Arapiuns river, in the state of Para. AMZ produced the editorial with the pieces of the new collection.

When? March 2017.

We produced a large part of the logistics of the Land Rover Discovery launch event, which took place during 20 days in the region of Santarém (PA), for journalists, concessionaires and opinion formers.


When? June 2017.

We accompany and produce the vaigm of the French artist Jerome Saint-Rose through the Huni Kuin villages on the Jordan River in Acre. The work was exhibited at Galeria Ē, in São Paulo.


When? June 2017.

We produced the recording logistics for part of this video, along the Kubenkankre village of the Kayapó ethnic group in southern Pará. The video was produced for the US Forest Service, The Years Project, ADP and Earth Innovation Institute to promote the discussion on climate change .


When? September 2018.

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