Brazil will finally be rediscovered when everyone is able to see that we all have native Brazilian roots. The problems they face should no longer be regarded as "Indigenous Issues", but as issues of the Brazilian nation. Visiting the native groups also stands for strenghthening our own identity, generating self-esteem for people whose voices often go unheard, as well as generating income for those who live within the communities not to have to leave the cities to work. Above all, it stands for recognizing ourselves as part of the forest, for that is exactly who we are.

We work with the Ashaninka, Huni Kuin and Yawanawá ethnic groups, in Acre . The Kayapós, in the south of the state of Para, is also open for travels whose purpose is to strong local culture (including the production of books, pictures, projects, etc.). Send us a message to find out more!

photos: Daniel Gutierrez, Adhara Luz