boat trips

We highly recommend this trip because this region is the Amazon of waters, nothing better than being very in touch with it. You, the starry sky, the water, the forest, the wind. Want more? We produce the trip to be as paraense as possible, but with the touch of those who know the small luxuries needed. Cook on board to make a personalized menu, a good bar, knowledgeable crew. All very kind and careful. There are several types of boat that will make you very happy.

one of these boats can be your floating "home" in the Amazon.


We work with personalized trips with different types of boats in the Alter do Chão region.

You can request a script for as many days as you want for any time of the year. See our suggestions below.


 belle amazonBOAT

This Yacht style boat has 9 single, double or triple suites, a super large dining room, bar, terrace, etc. Check out the photos on the button below.


This Yacht style boat has 5 rooms (2 double suites and 3 bunk beds with 2 single beds each). It has a beautiful dining room, balcony and is super comfortable!

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 3.51.27 PM.png

 Pajé BOAT

This boat has 2 bedrooms, both with a double bed and a single bed, bunk style and toilet inside. It has a wonderful deck and top notch service!


Regional boats are known for transporting local people and curious tourists between cities in the Amazon. They have a 360º view of the rivers, are super airy, have different sizes, accommodating 10 to 30 people. You van sleep in hammocks  (we guarantee that they are large and comfortable and you can take them home) and some simple rooms. We set up restaurant, lounge, hammock areas, it looks more beautiful than it already is!



Itinerary suggestions AND VALUES


Spice up your experience!

You can add mini events during the trip like dinners on the beach, parties, bands at sunset, open air cinema, dance workshop, lectures, yoga classes, panoramic flight with hydro plane ... you can invent!

We are here to make your dreams come true!